Tips for Protecting Your Contact Details

Sunday, August 06th, 2017

Online dating websites allow you to safely contact people through online messages, which means that you do not need to give out your contact details straight away. However, when you come to arrange a date with someone, you may wish to exchange contact details.

Here are some tips for protecting your contact details.

Don’t put your contact details in your profile text

We’ve seen lots of attempts to add contact details into profile text, but we refuse to approve them as it puts people at risk. So don’t try to type out ‘’ as we search through every profile using real humans.

Other websites might not use humans to check all of the profiles, but it is still not worth the risk.

Don’t give out your contact details in your first message

Giving out your email address, or phone number in your first message to someone might seem like a good way to bypass paying for a longer subscription to a dating website, but it is dangerous and will make you look desperate.

Scammers often ask for details within the first message that they send so that the dating website will not have evidence of their conversation if any illegal activity occurs. So, if anyone asks for your details straight away, or insists that you should talk away from the online dating website, be aware that they may not be genuine.

Have a separate phone number for online dating

It might sound like something that a spy, or a cheat would do, but having a separate SIM card for online dating is one way to protect your contact details.

If you give your phone number to an unsavoury type, you will not have to change your phone number if you receive unwanted attention from them.

Have an email address for online dating

As well as having a separate phone number for online dating websites, we would also recommend setting up a new email address where you can keep all of your online dating content in one place. It will make it easier to look back over old conversations and to keep a record of who has been in contact with you.

If anyone is acting suspiciously by pestering you for your contact details, make sure to tell the website administrator.