Taking Photos for Your Dating Profile

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Your Main Photo is the first thing that anyone will see they look at your profile, so it’s important first of all to make sure that you add a photo and to ensure that it shows you at your best.

Your Main Photo should clearly show your head and shoulders and should be a fairly recent photograph (taken within the past two years). Avoid face coverings such as sunglasses, or hats as they won’t allow people to see your features.

So now we have the basics sorted, how do you take the perfect photograph for your dating profile?

Enlist a friend

The best photos are taken by someone else as they will be able to get the right distance away from you to be able frame your whole face.

Ask your friend to take a lot of photos with different smiles and at different angles so that you can choose the best one.


Go for a brightly lit room, or an outdoor setting that will light up your face nicely. Make sure that the source of the light is in front of you as having the light behind you will mean that it hard to clearly see your features.

A perfect selfie

If you can’t enlist a friend to help with your photographs, you can opt to take a selfie. If you have a camera with a timer function on it, you can set up the timer to take a photograph. Alternatively, a selfie stick will allow you to get a good angle that an outstretched arm won’t reach to.

Avoid using a mirror to take your photograph and definitely avoid taking the photograph in a public toilet (we’ve seen that a lot of times), or in a messy room at home.

Be careful of cropping

Once you have taken a profile photo, try not to crop it too much to try to get the right dimensions. If you are unsure about how much cropping to do, leave it uncropped and we will do that for you.