What’s Stopping You?

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Online dating is the best way to find love, but lots of people are too scared to try it. Here are some of the top reasons why people are afraid to join an online dating website and why their worries are unfounded.

“It’s all weirdos”

When online dating websites first emerged, they used to have a reputation for attracting people who could not find anyone in a more conventional way. However, in recent years, online dating has become so popular that you probably know lots of people who are using dating websites to meet new people.

Yes, there will be some peculiar people, but no more so than you would meet in your local supermarket, or pub.

“There are lots of dodgy people trying to steal my money”

Unfortunately there are cases of online dating scams in the media, which has given people the idea that there are lots of bad people who keen to steal their money. If you choose a reputable dating website and keep your wits about you, you will be able to avoid scammers.

Take a look at our last post about dating scammers to find out more about how to stay safe online.

“I’m too old for all this, it’s a young man’s game”

When you see adverts for online dating websites, you usually see twenty-something-year-olds frolicking together, but don’t be misled by the adverts — we’ve got members of all ages and online dating is gaining in popularity for the over 50s.

“It’s too expensive”

Yes, you have to pay for the best online dating websites, but there are ways to join a dating website without spending a fortune. For example, if you are proactive, you will not need to purchase a long subscription. To be proactive you need to make the first move and send messages to anyone who takes your fancy. You could ensure that your profile and photos are up-to-date and show you at your best.

You can join Muddy Matches for free to try out online dating today.