Scammer-free Dating

Sunday, July 09th, 2017

Dating scammers are people who set out to swindle online dating site members. Fortunately most of the people who join online dating websites are genuine people, rather than scammers, but we’ve put together some information to help you to avoid dating scammers.

Choose a website carefully

There are thousands of online dating websites worldwide, but not all of them have measures in place to ensure your safety and to help to protect you from scammers.

Take a look at the website’s information to find what each website does to detect and prevent scammers.

For example, at Muddy Matches we (real human beings) read through every single profile that is submitted to us and look at every single photograph that is sent through. Our experience means that we can identify even the most talented of scammers and prevent them from joining the website.

Other dating websites may use automatic systems to identify scammers, or they combine different methods to identify scammers.

Be wary 

If someone sounds too good to be true, then they might just be. Scammers might describe themselves as ‘trustworthy, ‘loyal’ and ‘honest’ when the are anything but that.

Don’t give your money away

Dating scammers are working to get money from their victims so it is important to never give away your bank details, or to send money to someone who you have not met before.

Scamming techniques include asking for money to help sick relatives, or to pay for transport to your date. They might say that their bank cards have been stolen, or that a freeze has been put on their accounts.

Don’t talk online for too long

Online dating scammers build trust with their victims by engaging in long conversations with them. The purpose of online dating is to find someone to go on a date with, so you should try to meet up with someone after only exchanging a few messages. If they are unwilling to meet up, or keep making excuses for why they had to cancel, it should act as a warning sign that they might be a scammer.

If you are ever unsure about someone, you should stop talking to them immediately and get in touch with the website’s administrator.