I’m a Nice Guy

Friday, June 30th, 2017
I’m a Nice Guy

We often receive messages from concerned men who say, “I’m a nice guy, but nobody is interested in me, what’s going on?’

So what is going on? Woman say that they want someone who will treat them well, so why do some of the nice guys get overlooked?

Your profile photo doesn’t do you justice

Sadly, a nice guy with a super-blurry photo will look like he is hiding something. Women like to know who they are talking to, even if you are a little shy about how you look, try to use a good-clear Main Photo.

You are not assertive

Asking a lady what they would like to do is a nice thing to do, but asking someone directly ‘Would you like to go to x with me?’ shows that you are assertive and means that she doesn’t have to think of date ideas as well as deciding whether, or not she would like to go on a date with you. By making it easier for her, she is more likely to say ‘yes’ to you.

Being assertive also means that you will be more likely to make the first move and less likely to sit back and wait for women to flock to you.

You are being negative

Nobody likes to go on a date with a complainer, so even if you have been let down, dumped, or cheated on, don’t include information about it on your dating profile. Your profile should be upbeat and show you in the best light and shouldn’t include any complaints, or generalisations about women.

You are trying too hard

Nice guys like to impress others and this can come across as being too keen, needy, or desperate. By all means, tell a lady that she is good-looking, but don’t shower her with compliments that can make her feel uncomfortable.

It can also feel smothering if a man repeatedly tells a woman how lucky he is to be with her, or how special she makes you feel when you are together.