5 Things to Include in Your Profile Text

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Your profile text is your dating sales pitch and should be used to let people know who you are and what you are looking for in a potential partner.

A summary of who you are

If you were to describe who you are in one sentence what would you say? If you aren’t sure, ask your friends to sum up who you are.

For example, your friends might say that you are a ‘hard-working, fun-loving woman who can bake a scrumptious chocolate brownie, dance with you until the sun comes up and impress your parents with expert small-talk.’

Your summary sentence should be the first line of your profile and you can then go into detail from there.

Examples of what you enjoy doing

We all like ‘going out and staying in’, but what do you really like to do when you go out, or stay in? Do you like to go for a pint at the local with your friends on a Saturday night, or are you more likely to get your family together for a BBQ? When you stay in, what’s your TV series of choice, or your favourite music to relax with? What sports do you like to play, or to follow?

An outline of what you do for a living

For safety’s sake, you shouldn’t give details of exactly where you work, but it’s nice to give an idea of what you do for a living.

For example, someone could say ‘I’m a police officer, so I’ve got a fair few stories to tell and I’m pretty good at banter”.

What you are looking for in a partner

Think about the characteristics that you would like to see in your ideal partner. For example, would you like to meet someone who is strong-willed and decisive, or would you like to meet someone who is very open-minded and willing to go with the flow?

Are family-values important to you, or is religion a key factor when choosing a future husband, or wife?

A question

Asking a question at the end of your profile will make it easy for someone to send you a message. It doesn’t have to be something super-creative, you could just ask what their ideal evening in would be like, or where they would like to travel in the world.