Don’t Rush

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

When you are single it can seem like everyone around you is in a relationship and you can get to thinking ‘why me?’ when all of your friends find a partner. So it’s inevitable that you will want what they have – a date for events, someone to share a romantic picnic with, and someone to cuddle up to on the sofa with (hopefully one person will cover all of these functions).

However, when you do start to date someone it is important not to accelerate the intimacy so that you can find yourself in the same position as your friends.

Enjoy dating

The process of meeting with your date for the first time can be nerve-racking, but it’s also exciting as you get to find out about one another. Take the time to enjoy going on dates and don’t try to rush into hanging out at home together in the hope of propelling yourself into physical intimacy.

A snuck kiss and hug at the end of a date will leave you wanting more, but if you move straight to cuddling on the sofa you will miss out on the nervous excitement of wondering what it will be like to be physically close to one another.

Don’t brag

When you first meet someone who is kind, funny and gorgeous, it can be tempting to tell the whole world how just how wonderful your new date is. However, updating your Facebook profile to ‘in a relationship’, or declaring to everyone that you meet that you’ve found the one puts too much pressure on a new relationship and can cause your date to get cold feet.

Take the time to get to know​ one another before you put a label on your relationship.

Spend time apart

Another way to frighten off a new date with rushed intimacy is to spend every minute of your time together. Don’t give up time with your friends and family so that you can spend every night together.

If you do feel like things are moving too quickly, try to slow down so that you don’t kill off the relationship.