Bad Habits that Stop You from getting a Second Date

Sunday, June 11th, 2017
Bad Habits that Stop You from getting a Second Date

If you are a nice and genuine person, but don’t find that you can secure a second date, you are probably wondering what you are doing wrong.

Here are some things that can put people off…

Not listening

When some people get nervous, they start speaking more quickly than usual and don’t pause to let others speak.

If you find yourself talking constantly, take a break and say “that’s enough about me, tell me about yourself”.

Conversation should be split about 50:50 so that one person doesn’t dominate the discussion.


When you are on a first date with someone, it is good to show yourself at your best, but it is also important not to brag. This is not a job interview, so try not to read off a list of achievements. Bragging is not the best way to impress your date, especially if you find that you have to outdo them on every topic that you discuss.

Not freshening up

Looking nice and smelling fresh might sound like trivial things when you are a kind person with a good personality. However, body odour is an important factor for most people.

Make sure that you are freshly washed and wearing clean clothes for your date. Also make sure to avoid smelly foods, or smoking shortly before meeting your date.

Bad table manners

If you have chosen to go on a dinner date, make sure to put into practice everything that your parents told you about eating etiquette.

Don’t chew with your mouth open (unless a specific medical condition means that you have to) as it’s rather disgusting to watch. Also avoid licking your plate, or knife even if the food is super tasty.

Getting embarrassingly drunk

A drink or two might help you to feel relaxed, but if you have too many drinks you will develop a false sense of confidence and you might end up as a liability if you lose the ability to look after yourself.