Talking Politics

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

No matter where you go this week, you will probably have heard people talking about politics, from the importance of voting through to what they think of the results. Also, if you are on Facebook, or Twitter you will have seen more political commentary than News 24. However, dating has long been a politics free zone, so should you keep up the conversation, or keep quiet?

Don’t discount someone because of their political leaning

Whether you are a Tory, a Lefty, or a supporter of a smaller party (or even Mr Fish Finger), it is important to remember that your political beliefs are only a small part of who you are.

It is perfectly possible to fall for someone who has completely opposing views to your own. In fact, in can make things more exciting when you can have a debate and challenge each other’s views.

Your views might change

Age is widely accepted to be one of the biggest factors in how you vote, so it is likely that your political leanings will change as you go through different stages in your life. You might write-off someone now for their political beliefs and then go on to change your mind yourself.

Be wary of mentioning politics in your dating profile

It is often said that you should not discuss politics when you are on a first date as it can lead to an argument. This is unlikely to happen if you mention politics on your dating profile, but it may put people off reading more about you. Try to avoid mentioning politics, unless you are an MP, or someone whose life is inextricably linked to politics.

Be wary of mentioning politics on a first date

If in doubt, try to avoid talking about politics all together (although it might be difficult to do in the current political climate). However, if you are enjoying a lively debate with your date about other topics and can tell that they are not easily offended you can proceed with caution.