What Your Photos say about You

Sunday, June 04th, 2017

Your Main Photo is the first thing that someone sees when they look at your dating profile within a list of people. Fellow dating site members will then go on to read your profile and to look at your additional profiles. What do your photos tell them about who you are?

No Main Photo

If you have no Main Photo, it will make people think that at worst you are hiding something and at best you are camera shy.

Even if you really hate to look at photos of yourself, try to add at least one photograph (the Main Photo) to your dating profile so that people know what you look like.

Holiday photos

Your holiday photos show that you enjoy experiencing new things and new cultures. However, too many photos make you look like a bit of a travel bore, so add a few photos that don’t show you on a snowy mountain, or a sunny beach.

The drinking photo

Photos of you looking drunk will demonstrate that you know how to relax with a drink, but too many drunken photos will make you look like you haven’t grown up.


Showing group photos with your friends will show that you are a popular person and you are more likely to have a natural smile than if you are posing for a photo on your own.

Adding group photos and photos of just you to your additional photos provides a good balance.


If you only have selfies on your profile, it could indicate that you are vain, when in reality it might just be that you are too embarrassed to enlist a friend to help you with your photos.

Pet photos

Photos of men with pets are popular as it implies that they have a soft side and that they love animals. Sadly, the cat woman image has prevailed and men are less likely to go for a woman who is posing with her pet.

Ideally, your additional photos should include photos that show what you look like and what you enjoy doing.