What the Success Stories have in common

Friday, May 26th, 2017

Muddy Matches has helped to create thousands of couples since it started ten years ago and we’ve been fortunate enough to hear from lots of happy couples and we’ve even met some ‘muddy’ babies. Anyway, that’s enough bragging for now. We would like to tell you about what we have learnt from the happy couples over the years.

Shared interests matter

Muddy Matches was set up as a website for country-loving people as there was nothing in existence to help country-loving singles to find one another. So it comes as no surprise that we hear from a lot of couple who are delighted to have met someone who shares their rural interests, whether that’s a love of horses, a passion for fishing, or a desire to spend weekends at a shooting ground.

To ensure that you find someone who shares your interests, make sure that you have ticked all of the boxes that represent your hobbies and interests. It’s also sensible to let people know more about your hobbies by including details of them in your profile text.

Your date might just live around the corner

When you live in a small town, or village, it might seem like you recognise everyone. However, we hear about lots of people who have lived around the corner from their match without every having crossed paths.

Imperfect is perfect

Online dating normally follows a standard timeline – you send  a few messages, swap contact details and then arrange a date.

In real life, some of our couples have had a few false starts. So don’t worry if your first date takes months of toing and froing as you both have busy schedules and don’t panic if your internet goes down in the middle of your plans. If it’s meant to be you’ll be able to withstand a few setbacks.

Don’t give up

One of the most common phrases that we hear is “I never thought that this would happen”.

One of our success stories (sent in by Lotte) put it better than we ever could, “My lesson learned – be proud of who you are, feel the fear and take the risk to speak from the heart”.

So instead of writing yourself off, use your efforts to be brave and to send a message to someone special!