Outdated Gender Stereotypes

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

When you think about gender stereotypes, you probably think about how people behave in the workplace, or maybe the clothing that they choose to wear. However, dating is also riddled with old-fashioned gender clichés.

Here are some of the most common gender stereotypes and why adhering to them can seriously harm your chances of meeting your perfect match.

The man should be taller than women

If we had a pound for every woman who said that she is looking for a man who is taller than she is, we would be very rich by now.

This gender stereotype means that there are lots of fantastic men who are shorter than average and women who are taller than average who are overlooked due to a matter of inches.

If you have restricted your search criteria by height, try removing the filter and see how much it increases your number of potential matches.

The woman should be younger than the man

If a woman goes out with a younger man, she is known as a ‘cougar’ and it is seen as more acceptable for a man to date a younger woman.

It seems a waste to stick to these age restrictions as some people look, or act younger than they actually are. So instead of searching only for older men if you are a woman, or for younger women if you are a man, try to search for people who are both sides of your usual age range.

Men should send the opening message

Men are often expected to make the first move on online dating websites and offline. However, when women do make the first move, it can really pay off. A study that published on The New York Times website said that women who made the first move were 2.5 times as likely to receive a positive response than their male counterparts.

So if you are a women who is afraid that sending the first message will appear pushy, don’t be put off.