What to do in Weird Situations

Sunday, May 14th, 2017
What to do in Weird Situations

Online dating, like life, is full of little surprises. Here are some weird situations that you might just encounter, and some advice about how to deal with them.

Seeing your ex online

Online dating is a very popular way to meet new people, so it is reasonably common for a former flame to turn up on the same dating website as you. If you do see your ex on the same dating website, it is a good idea to add them to your ‘blocked’ list so that they will not be able to see your profile and so that you will not be tempted to get in contact with one another.

Someone you used to know is online

Once again, due to the popularity of online dating, it is not uncommon to find someone who you went to school with when you are searching on online dating websites.

This is the perfect opportunity to strike up conversation with them as you will instantly have something in common with them. Even if you didn’t used to get on, they might have changed completely, and if not you can always stop the conversation.

Someone gets too pushy

If you receive lots of unwanted messages from someone you should ‘block’ them so that they cannot get in contact with you again.

Also, if they have been offensive, it is a good idea to report their behaviour to the website administrator so that they can investigate for you.

You get asked for a naked photo

On Muddy Matches we do not have a function for sending photographs via the online messaging service, but some websites do allow you to send photographs.

Although we’re sure that the other websites did not intend for their members to be sending pictures of their umm members, this is often what happens.

If a fellow Muddy Matches member asks you to email you photographs of your private parts, remember that they​could go on to share the photo with anyone and could even choose to publish it online. It’s not worth the risk, and if you want to see each other naked, wait until you see each other in person.