Tips for Meeting their Friends

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

A Race --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Meeting your date’s friends and family is a sign that you are in a proper relationship, rather than just seeing each other. However, the first time that you meet your date’s nearest and dearest can be a stressful experience if you are keen to impress them. Here are some ways to make yourself feel more at ease with meeting their friends and family members.

Don’t meet everyone at once

Meeting your date’s whole family at once will make you feel like a show piece, because everyone will be keen to find out more about you. It might be fun for his, or her, relatives who want to see him, or her, settle down with someone nice, but for you it will feel like all eyes are on you.

Opt to meet your dates family in small groups, or as individuals.

Opt for neutral ground

Instead of going to their house, or inviting them to your place, try to meet on neutral ground. For example, you could meet for a pub lunch, or for a drink.

Let them take the lead

If your date’s friend, or family member goes in to kiss you on the cheek, go with it. If they prefer and handshake, or a hug, go along with that too.

Avoid controversial topics

Avoid controversial topics such as politics, or religion, when you first meet someone as you don’t want to get into an argument when you don’t know anything about them. Stick to safe conversation topics like the TV programmes, work, the weather and food.

You can always use their contact as a source of funny stories about your date if you fancy a giggle.

Mix it up a bit

If you are nervous about meeting with their friends, you could always make it an occasion where you both meet new people. For example, you could both invite the same amount of friends as each other to join you for a drink. That way you will be in the same boat and you will have your own friends around to provide moral support.