5 Signs that they aren’t ready to commit

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Online dating means different things to different people and it can even mean different things to one person depending on where they are in their life at that time.

For some, online dating is the perfect way to find a life partner, or spouse. For others, it is for finding more casual arrangements, ‘a bit of fun’ or for making new friends.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, how can you tell if someone else wants the same thing as you, or if they just aren’t ready to commit to a relationship at this point?

They aren’t willing to make an effort

If your date is never keen to make the effort to meet up with you, it’s a very bad sign. Take stock if they are not even willing to travel across town once a week to see you as ‘traffic is bad’, or they want to catch something on TV.

They never mention the future

If you find yourself mentioning plans for the future and they either dismiss them, or ignore them, it is a sign that they don’t see you as part of their future.  If even simple things, like a gig in a few months time are greeted with a ‘I’ll decide nearer the time’, it shows that they aren’t willing to commit to anything.

They shy away from meeting your friends and family

Meeting your friends and family is a serious step in a relationship as it shows people that you are a couple. By distancing themselves from your favourite people, it indicated that they don’t want to become attached to people that they might not see again.

They’re always checking out other options

If your date spends a good deal of time looking at other people, or if they still have their dating profile live ‘just in case’ it’s a pretty good indication that they are still on the lookout for other people.

They’re still obsessed with their ex

It’s OK to mention your ex every now and again, but if they spend a lot of their time talking about what their ex has been doing recently, it is a sign that they haven’t moved on.

If your date is not willing to commit to you, there are lots of great single people out there who would like to get to know you better.