Broaden Your Search

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Online dating allows you to select a search criteria which will enable you to look for a certain type of person. This is great if your search criteria is flexible enough to show you lots of suitable matches, however, being too specific may just mean that you will have a very limited choice of people.

Widen your age group

Most people select a narrow age range when they first start online dating. For example, you might choose to only date people who are up to 5 years younger, or older than you are and many women only wish to date men who are older than they are. To increase your chances of finding your perfect match by searching for people who are a few years older or younger than your current selection.

Search further afield

Although it would be fabulous to find that the love of your life lives just round the corner, it’s not very realistic to assume that they do. After all, if they lived in the same village, or small town as you, it is likely that you would have met them already.

Try adding an extra 10 miles or so to your search area, or go even further by selecting the whole country and getting in contact with people who say that they are looking to move to somewhere new in the future.

You could arrange to meet your date halfway when you first meet up so that neither of you has to make a really long journey.

Try a new ‘type’

If you always go for women with blonde hair, or men with dark hair, why not try something new? Some people can change their hair colour on a regular basis, so it might just be this week’s colour that you’ve stumbled across.

Body type is also a subjective thing as people might feel embarrassed about self-declaring that they are muscular as it can sound a little arrogant. Try carrying out a search without specifying a particular look and use their photos to make a judgement for yourself.

When you are writing your own profile, try to fill in as many boxes as possible so that you appear in peoples’ searches.