Tips for Taking Great Photos

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

man taking a photo
If you are looking to set up a new dating profile, or to update your existing dating profile, you will need a good selection of photos to allow people to see what you really look like.

Your first step is to look through your existing photo albums to see if there are any photos that you would like to use and if there isn’t anything that is up-to-date and that shows you in a good light.

If you cannot find any suitable images, you will need to enlist a friend, or family member to help you to take some photos.

Opt for bright lighting

When setting up the mini photo shoot, opt for bright lighting that will mean that you get a good, crisp photo as your camera won’t be desperately trying to draw in light, which can create a blurry photo.

Natural lighting is the most photo-friendly as long as you don’t stand with your back to the sun. If you are indoors, try to use additional sources of light such as lamps, or a flash.


It’s not particularly easy to relax when you are having your photo taken, but if possible, try to make the situation as relaxing as possible by playing your favourite music, or enjoying your favourite hobby. For example, for you additional photos, your friend could take a picture of you riding a bike, or cooking.


A friendly smile will make you look more approachable than a more serious expression will. Get your photographer to tell you a funny story, or think back to a situation that made you smile.

Choose a flattering angle

A photo that is too close-up can look unflattering and one that is too far away will not show people what you really look like. Try to have your face taking up about 70 percent of the shot.

If you are a little worried about having a double chin – ask your friend to take the photo when they are positioned slightly above you. Also, having your head tilted a little to the side can be more flattering that a front-on photograph.

Remember that your Main Photo should be a photo of just your head and shoulders, while your additional photos can include full-length photos and photos of your enjoying your hobbies.