Your Plan for Valentine’s Day

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, which means that the shops are full of red and pink gifts and couples up and down the country are sharing the intimate details of their romantic plans for the big day with anyone who will listen to them.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have put together an action plan for people who love to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, or for those who are keen to avoid the event.

Keen to join in

Valentine’s Day looks like a lot of fun to you and you are keen to go for a romantic dinner, or to be romanced by a new partner.

The plan

Sign in to your online dating account and start sending messages right away so that you can arrange a date for the big day.

You may not be able to book the most romantic restaurant in time, but there’s still time to phone around and find somewhere that has spaces.The Valentine’s Day hater

You can not stand Valentine’s Day and think that it’s all a big wheeze to make money from gullible idiots who are willing to splash their cash on teddy bears and single roses.

The plan

Stay inside and ignore the whole thing until it is all over.

The Valentine’s rebel

You think that it’s all a bit silly and would rather spend the day rebelling against the traditional idea of Valentine’s Day.

The plan

Grab your friends and spend the evening doing something that does not involve flowers, chocolates and heart shaped items. A typical anti-Valentine’s experience could include action films, or a trip to the pub to enjoy a game a pool.

The last minute lover

You have recently met someone via an online dating website, but it is still early days, so you have not planned anything special and are worried that all special events will be booked up.

The plan

Instead of phoning around every restaurant within a five mile radius, you could invite your date around for a romantic home-cooked meal with low lighting and candles to make the evening extra special.

If you are not too confident in the kitchen, there are lots of Valentine’s Day meal deals in the supermarket that will pass for gastropub quality.