Why do I get Friendzoned?

Friday, February 03rd, 2017

The friendzone isn’t a soft play area where small children go to run about and make new friends – it’s when you fancy someone and they consider you to be more of a friend.

Instead of dating, you get told that “I consider you as more like a friend, or like a sibling”.

So why do you keep finding yourself making lots of new friends, instead of meeting the love of your life?

You have not met the right person

Simply enough, there is someone out there for everyone and you just haven’t met your match just yet. When you do meet the right person, they will see what a great match you are for them and will decide that you should be more than just friends.

Keep going with online dating until you do really click with someone.

You’re too keen

If you are very, very keen to meet someone, you will come across as desperate and this will frighten people off from forming a romantic relationship with you.

Instead of focusing solely on meeting someone, try to spend more time doing what you enjoy and working on new skills, or hobbies.

You need to flirt

Sexual chemistry is what separates good friends from romantic interests and a good bit of flirting on a first date will help you to show what your intentions are.

Being a little touchy feely will show how you feel about your date, whether that’s holding hands over the table, or touching their arm every now and again. However, if they pull away from you, it may be that they are uncomfortable with physical contact at this stage.

It is OK to be friends

If you get on well enough to be friends, there are advantages to being put in the ‘friendzone’. Of course, there’s the advantage of having a new friend to spend time with. They will be able to give you advice about dating and they will open you up to a whole new friendship group, which may include the future man, or woman of your dreams.