Choosing Your Additional Photos

Sunday, January 15th, 2017


The single most important photo on your dating profile is your Main Photo, but once you have chosen that, it is useful to have a selection of additional photos that sum up who you are as a person and allow people to learn more about you.

So which photos should you choose for your online dating profile?

A full length photo

A full length photo allows people to see what your figure is like. It might sound shallow, but it shows people if you really do have an ‘athletic’ figure like you have said, or not. It will also give an indication of how tall you are and of how you dress.

A dressy photo

Even if you spend 90 percent of your time in sporting attire, you must have one or two photos of you wearing a dressy outfit for a wedding, or a party.

A photo of you enjoying our favourite activity

If you have said in your profile that you enjoy a particular sport, or interest then a photo of you enjoying the activity will show you at your most relaxed and will help people to see more about your favourite things.

Photos not to include

Photos of children

You may look super cute cuddling your young niece, or nephew, but it is unfair to put their photo on to a public space such as a dating website.

Rude shots

If you wouldn’t show a photo to your mum because it’s too rude, don’t put it on a dating website.

Toilet selfies

If you must use a selfie, make sure not to choose one where you are sitting on the loo. Surely there must be another mirror in your home?

A badly edited photo

If your ex is in the photo, cut them out entirely, don’t be weird and put a box over their face, or draw a squiggly line over it.