Top 4 Online Dating Myths

Friday, December 30th, 2016

coffeeOnline dating is awash with myths, but these are just four of the ones that we encounter on a regular basis and the reasons why they just aren’t true.

It’s all a numbers game

To some extent this is true – if you don’t get in contact with anyone, or reply to any messages, then you will not secure yourself a date. However, it is sensible to focus your attention onto people with whom you share common interests, or opinions. If you send messages to hundreds of people, it is unlikely that they will have the personal touch that will make each person feel special. If you only contact a small number of people, you will be able to personalise each message.

Only the best looking people get attention

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t necessarily the best looking people who get the most attention. If you are really, really gorgeous, people will feel that there is no point in sending you a message. Whereas those who are average looking will appear more accessible and therefore will receive more messages.

There are hardly any women

We often hear men say that they are unwilling to sign up to an online dating website as they believe that it’s just a load of other blokes desperately looking for women. However, the number of men and women who join online dating websites is about equal and slightly more women than men go on to submit their dating profile for approval.

Online dating is unsafe

The unfair reputation of online dating has meant that online dating site administrators are working harder than ever to make sure that customers are kept safe. This includes measures to detect dating scammers and to protect your payment details. At Muddy Matches we even go the extra mile by reading through every single profile and looking at every single photo that is sent to us to ensure that only genuine ‘muddy’ people go on to join the website and that genuine members are not able to publish personal details like their phone number, or email address.

We also advise our members to be careful when they are communicating with others and meeting up in person.

If you are ever unsure about someone, or if you need some advice about staying safe online, or in person, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.