Shocking Dating Stories

Friday, December 02nd, 2016

toilet paper

We have all had a bad date in our time, whether you’ve said something silly, or your date has been a little unexpected. However, spare a thought for these people who have had a truly embarrassing experience.

*Names have been removed and written into comprehensive sentences, but the stories are all true.

A knockout date

“We’d hate a really fun first date at a local restaurant and we were keen to carry on the evening by going for a coffee. It was all going really smoothly until I grabbed our tray and turned round to go to find a table, but accidentally smacking an elderly in the face with the tray. She fell to the floor from the impact and the coffee went all over her, me and my date. I apologised profusely and tried to help her up, but she got angry and shouted at me. My date looked really embarrassed and didn’t say a thing. We drank our coffees in silence after that and then said our goodbyes.”

Doggy disaster

“We both love dogs, so I thought that it would be a good idea to meet up and walk our dogs together. I really wish that I’d left my dog at home though as he was an absolute nightmare. He jumped up on my date straight away, getting mud all over her trousers, he got into a fight with another dog and then he decided to roll in fox poo.”

Nit mousse

“I went to the chemist to buy some nit cream for my daughter, but I accidentally grabbed a different form of lice cream instead. Just as I was walking to the till, the guy I’d gone on a date with earlier that week appeared next to me and started chatting to me. Then he looked down, saw what I was holding and walked out without saying a word. He never did message me after that and it was only when I got the bottle home that I realised that it wasn’t for head lice.”

The town crier

“I wasn’t quite sure about one man who had messaged me as he seemed a bit odd, but I wanted to meet him in person to see if I was being a bit too quick to judge him. He asked me loads of questions about myself and looked on lovingly at me. Then he started to cry and said “I’m just so lucky to have met you, I knew that you were the one for me”

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