How do I Write a Message?

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

HorseWriting a message to someone is the key to getting yourself a date, but what do you write to impress the man or woman of your dreams?

Make a shortlist

It’s not a good idea to send messages to everybody within your gender and age preference. Take time out your busy schedule to look through people’s profiles carefully and add anyone that you really like to your favourite’s list.

Don’t sit back and wait

Making the first move is a little frightening as nobody likes rejection, but if everyone sat back and refused to make the first move, nobody would ever get the conversation started.

By sending someone a message, you’ve put yourself ahead of everyone who is waiting for them to send the first message.

Say hello

A simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ is a good way to start your message, but you don’t need to sign your message formally with a ‘yours sincerely’, or a ‘kind regards’.

Give a compliment

Tell them what you liked about them; whether that’s their beautiful smile, or their hilarious profile text. Just make sure that it’s not too crude, like ‘nice tits’.

Share your interests

Look through the person’s profile and find out what you have in common with them so that you can mention it in your message. For example, if they say that they are a ‘horsey person’, you could mention how you learnt to ride when you were younger.

Ask a question

If they mention a hobby that you don’t know much about, use it as an excuse to ask them a question about it.

Suggest a date idea

The real reason that you are sending someone a message to someone is so that you can meet up in person. By suggesting a date idea straight away it will help to stop you from becoming online pen pals.