What not to include in your Main Photo

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

sunglassesYour Main Photo is designed to show people your lovely face, so in an ideal world, it should be like a passport photo, but with a smile.

However, we see lots of photos that don’t really fit in with this description.

Here are some of the most common things that people include in their Main Photo that will distract people.

Face coverings

The worst possible thing to include in your Main Photo is some form of face covering as it means that people cannot clearly see what you look like. For example, we get sent lots of photos where people are wearing dark glasses, fancy dress items, or hats that obscure their faces.


Muddy Matches is a website for people who enjoy the countryside and countryside pursuits, so it’s no surprise that lots of our members enjoy fishing and are proud when they land a big catch. However, it’s a little off-putting to see a fish taking up half of the screen when you are trying to see what someone looks like.


Understandably your children are the most important people in your life, but they do not need to be in your Main Photo. In fact, we would recommend that you do not include children in any of your photos as they cannot give consent for their photos to be used.

Topless pics

Women may ogle at attractive topless men on the beach, but adding a topless photo to your online dating profile just looks tacky and will make you look vain.

For women, the same thing applied to bikini photos, or extremely skimpy tops.