One Date Wonder

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

woman walking away from cameraYou’re had lots of first dates, but nothing has really come of it. What is going wrong and why are you not getting off the starting blocks?

You’re obsessed with someone else

If you’re not over your ex, or if you not so secretly harbour a crush on a friend, then you will give off vibes of not being emotionally invested in the date that you are on. If you need time to recover from a breakup, or a crush, you can always hide your profile from public view and go back to it when you are ready to move on.

Anyone will do

If you’ve got to the stage where anyone will do, it will also show to others as they will not feel special. Being in a relationship is a wonderful part of life, but it is only one part of your life. Take the time to enjoy your hobbies and activities so that finding love doesn’t become your sole preoccupation.

You come across as too needy

It’s a good idea to send a follow up message after your date to say that you had a great time, but if you find yourself sending lots of messages, or asking lots of times whether they like you, then you will come across as being too needy.

Another indication that you are too needy is if you tell your date that your life will change so much now that you have found someone so wonderful. Even if you have strong initial feelings, don’t share them immediately as it can be intimidating.

You’re unlucky 

Sometimes it can just be down to bad luck! If you’ve just met up with the wrong people for you, then keep trying until you do meet someone who is suitable for you.