5 Reasons to Pay for Online Dating

Friday, October 21st, 2016

credit cardWith free dating apps and websites in abundance, we are often asked why you should pay to join a dating website.

At Muddy Matches we allow members to join for free, to upload their profile and photos for free and to view other people’s profiles for free. You will need to pay for a subscription if you wish to send a message, or to read a message.

So.. why should you pay to send a message to someone you like on an online dating website?

  1. “If you’re not paying for it, you become the product”

    It isn’t free to run a dating website, or an app; there are set-up fees, hosting fees, staff fees and many more costs involved that mean that website owners have to cover their costs somehow.

    Completely free dating websites generally rely on advertising deals to pay for their services. Alternatively, some free sites sell on their customers’ details to other companies. If you do choose to join a dating website, make sure that you check through the terms and conditions to see how your data will be used.

  2. Payment shows commitment

    Paying to send messages to someone shows that you are committed to finding someone special. Free sites are more likely to attract people who are looking for a bit of fun, or even people who are in a relationship already.

  3. Investment in services

    A paid for website has the opportunity to invest in improving the website and making sure that everything runs smoothly for its members.

  4. Customer service

    By paying for an online dating website, you usually get the benefit of real staff who can give you advice about writing your profile, choosing your photos and sending messages.

    You can contact us by phone, email, social media, or even by letter if you would like help with anything to do with Muddy Matches and we may well be the only online dating website that can scan in your physical photos to use on your dating profile.

  5. Investment in security systems

    At Muddy Matches we have an in-house customer service team that check through every photo and profile that is sent through (even updated photos and profiles) to ensure that online genuine country-minded people can join the website. We are also on hand if you have any concerns about the behaviour of other members.

    We also invest in systems that protect the website from scammers and systems that protect your payment details and personal details online.