Photo dos and don’ts

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

CameraYour online dating profile photos are your opportunity to show potential dates what you really look like and what you enjoy doing, so don’t be afraid to upload a photo just because you are a little camera shy.

Here are some dos and don’ts for choosing your best online dating profile photos…


Add a Main Photo first – The single most important photo that you can add to your dating profile is your Main Photo. Try to add a photo where you can clearly see your face (no sunglasses, or ski goggles).

Add as many additional photos as you can – Your additional photos allow people to find out more about you. Aim to include a full-length photo of you, one where you are enjoying taking part in your hobbies and something that you are proud of, such as an amazing homemade cake, or a photo of you wearing a medal that you have won.

Swap your photos over – If you can’t decide which photo you would like to use for your Main Photo, try keeping one photo up for a couple of weeks, before swapping it over for the other one

Ask for help – Just email us if you would like some advice about which photos to use on your dating profile. Or, ask a friend which ones they would choose to use.



Only include group shots – Photos with lots of friends in will make you look popular, but it will also cause confusion while people try to work out who you are in each photo, especially if you are posing with people who look distinctly like you.

Include children in your photos – Photos that include children will show your caring side, but it is unfair to use children in your dating profile unless they have given you their permission. Remember that although dating websites are designed for members, they are in the public domain.

Use old photographs – Your Main Photo should have been taken within the last two years so that it gives a fair representation of what you look like now. You can, however, use older pictures for your additional photos.

Show anything too revealing – We don’t allow people to include underwear shots on their dating profile and lots of other websites also have this decency rule in place.