Safe First Date Topics

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

holidayFirst dates are the time to get to know one another in a fun and relaxed way (if you don’t get too nervous). So first date conversation topics should be light and free-flowing, instead of heavy and probing.

Here are some safe conversation topics to try and some unsafe topics to avoid:

Do talk about

Country life

You have both chosen to join a countryside dating website, so it is a safe bet to guess that your date is interested in the country lifestyle. If they are currently living in a city, ask if they grew up in the countryside, or if they like to spend their weekends away from the city.

If you are stuck, ask them why they chose to join Muddy Matches as it will get them to open up about what makes them country-minded.


Talking about holidays isn’t just the preserve of hairdressers, it’s also a nice upbeat topic to discuss when you are getting to know your new date. If you find that you have been to some of the same places, it will help you to bond over shared experiences.

It’s also fun to discuss holidays that you’d love to go on in the future to see if you have common goals


Talking about hobbies is also a popular conversation topic as people are generally keen to talk about their passions and it helps to reveal a lot about your personality.


Food is a good subject, which can keep you going for a fair few minutes, especially if you are out for lunch, or dinner together.

Do not talk about

How much you hate your ex

The question “how long have you been single?” is likely to come up in conversation, but it isn’t an excuse to start a full-on rant about how much you hate your ex.

Answer the question honestly and then find out how long your date has been single for.

Things that make you grumpy

Moaning is not a good idea on a first date as it might make you look like a negative person.


Yes, you both fancy each other, but it it is unwise to discuss sex on a first date if you are looking for more than a casual fling.