First Date Drinking

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

hot chocolateMeeting for a coffee is the most popular first date idea as it allows you to meet in a busy place during the daytime (which is perfect if you rely on a rural bus service that doesn’t run past 5pm). For those who prefer to meet up in the evening after work, going to the pub is the next best option, but does leave you with a decision about how much alcohol to drink.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding how much alcohol to drink.

Are you driving?

If you are driving, then you will know in advance that there is a legal drink driving limit, which will mean that it is advisable to stick to soft drinks.

If you do find that you end up having a few drinks after driving to the pub, make sure that you have another form of transport planned, such as a taxi so that you are not reliant on your date for a lift home.

What is your normal limit?

Some people like to remain entirely sober during a first date, especially if they don’t usually drink. If you don’t normally drink, don’t feel pressured into it for fear of looking ‘boring’.

If you become tipsy after a glass of wine, don’t be tempted to split a bottle with your date because it sounds like a nice idea to share.

If you are keen to have a few drinks, try to keep within the happily tipsy stage, rather than the roaring drunk stage.

Don’t panic if you do get too drunk

If you have been on a first date and have got a little too drunk, do not panic. You may be going over the evening in your head, thinking about silly things that you said, or did. However, your date may have been equally drunk and has forgotten everything bad that you said. Or, they might have enjoyed your drunken character.

If you did drink too much, try to arrange a sober meet-up next time, so  that you can see how well you get along without alcohol.