How to let them down gently

Friday, September 16th, 2016

paraglidingBeing in a situation where you have to turn people down may sound like a dream at first, but it can be a tricky to find the best way to do it.

Here is how to politely let someone down gently at every stage of the dating process…

What to do if you receive unwanted messages

If someone has taken the time to send you a nice message, it is best practice to send them a message to say that you are not interested. Try to be polite even if they really aren’t your cup of tea as it’s not kind to hurt their feelings just because you do not find them attractive.

Also, if you are worried about having to pay to say that you are not interested in someone, make sure that you use your subscription to get in contact with people who you do like the look of.

What to do if you are chatting to someone and you lose interest

If you are in conversation with someone and decide that you are not interested in them, then you should tell them that you don’t think that you are a very good match for them. Don’t get to embroiled in giving details, or decide to just ignore their messages.

What to do if you’ve changed your mind about a date

If you have changed your mind about going on a date with someone, it is best to let them know at soon as possible. The closer it is to the day, the more likely they are to have made special arrangements, like getting a haircut, or booking a babysitter which will cost them money.

If you get scared at the last minute, the least you can do is to get in contact with your date and tell them that you will not be there. There’s nothing worse than being stood up with no warning.

What to do if you don’t want to meet up again

If you have been on a first date, but do not wish to go out with the person again, it is best to let them know straight away so that they do not build up too much hope about starting a relationship with you.

It’s much easier to do it after one date than it is when you reach the boyfriend/girlfriend stage.