What you need to know about Dating a Dog Lover

Friday, September 9th, 2016
What you need to know about Dating a Dog Lover

Muddy Matches isn’t specifically designed for dog-lovers, but we have more than our fair-share of dog devotees on the website and more than a few four-legged visitors have crossed the threshold of Muddy Matches HQ over the years (including MM’s mascot Morven).

Love me, love my dog

A survey by dog sitting website DogBuddy.com found that 98% of dog owners say that their partner must get along with their dog and 40% even said that they would bring their dog along on a date with them!

You will start to search for ‘dog-friendly’ venues

If you are going to encourage your date to bring their dog along when you meet up, you will find that your internet search history becomes overloaded with phrases such as ‘dog-friendly places’ and ‘dog-friendly pubs near me’. This will be good practice for when you live with a dog-lover and decide that their furry friend shouldn’t have to miss out on a Sunday roast, or a trip to a historical site just because they aren’t human.

This doesn’t mean that livestock can come too

If you’re a livestock farmer, it makes sense that you will be close to your animals, but unfortunately it is frowned upon to take cows, sheep, or pigs on a date with you even if Fido is allowed.

Jealousy will be an issue

You will find that you occasionally find yourself to be strangely jealous of your date’s affections for their pet and wondering how you can get your head stroked before being handed a bowl full of meat.

They love a good walk

Walking is an intrinsic part of being a dog owner, so you know that your new date won’t shy away from taking long walks in the countryside with you. Expect all the much longed for ‘long walks on the beach’ (dog friendly beaches of course) and ‘romantic strolls in the rain’.