Keep the Spark

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

sparkYou may think that we are pretty keen to have repeat custom and thus short relationships, but we’re suckers for a success story and we love nothing more than a good ‘muddy’ wedding. So how do you keep the spark going when infatuation has died down?

Take the time to ‘date’ one another

When you become comfortable with someone, it’s very easy to just slip into a routine and to spend your time talking about boring practical things like bills, or shopping.

To stop this happening, you should organise a ‘date night’ at least once a week, where you cook a special meal, go out for dinner, or enjoy an evening at the pub where you can catch up with one another.

Enjoy your own hobbies

This may sound contrary to the first point, but it’s also important to spend time apart from one another so that you don’t lose your own identity. It will also give you lots to talk about on your ‘date night’.

Try something new together

A bucket list sounds too sombre, but it can be fun to each write a list of all the things that you would like to experience and see if where your lists match up.

Trying something together will give you lots to talk about and you’ll enjoy overcoming challenges together as part of a mini team.

Be complimentary

We’ll willingly tell a new acquaintance that we love their haircut, or clothing, but it’s easy to forget to say these things to the person who we love the most. If you are proud of your partner’s accomplishments, let them know, or if you like their new clothing, then tell them.

Fight nicely

It’s perfectly normal to argue, but it’s important not to keep bringing up the same things over and over again. If something is a persistent problem, try to think of a solution that suits both of you and make little steps towards achieving it.