How to Stay Safe Online

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

padlockOnline dating is a safe way to meet people if you take some simple steps to protect your details and make sure that you join a reputable dating website.

Find a reputable dating website

There are thousands of dating websites on the internet, so it can be hard to pick one that you can trust. To make sure that you have picked the best website, it’s important to ask friends and family members about their experiences so that they can let you know which websites to try and which ones you should avoid. If you don’t know anyone who has tried online dating, you can use review sites to find a dating site that suits your needs.

Check the T&Cs

Some dating websites share their members’ details across a range of websites, which means that you can join one specialist site and find that your profile appears on a range of specialist sites.

You will be able to find this information in the terms and conditions on the homepage of the dating website.

At Muddy Matches we do not share your dating profile with any other websites as we are completely independent.

Don’t overshare

So many people try to sneak their contact details into their online dating profile to avoid paying to get in touch with people. However this can expose you to unwanted contact and can expose you to identity theft. This is why we ask our members not to include details such as their email address, full name, or telephone number in their dating profile.

It’s also important to avoid giving away details that can help people to find you offline, such as where you work, or details of any clubs that you belong to. For example, it’s okay to say that you work in a supermarket, but not to say which supermarket it is and where it is located.

Have a healthy level of suspicion

You shouldn’t be suspicious of everyone, but it is okay to be wary of people who seem too good to be true. If you suddenly get a message from a gorgeous member who is 20 years your junior, who lives hundreds of miles away from you, then you are right to be concerned.

We work hard to ensure that scammers do not join Muddy Matches, but on rare occasions a sneaky scammer may make their way onto the website, so we welcome reports from concerned members.