One Week of Dating Advice

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

dogThis week we have learnt about dating app use, doggy dating and the importance of speaking to people on the phone.

Dating apps are favoured by the young

Research by the Pew Research Centre found that 27% of Americans who are aged between 18 and 24 have used a dating app, whereas only 3% of those surveyed who are aged over 65 had chosen to use a dating app. People aged 25 or over were more likely to have used an online dating website than an app.

At Muddy Matches we can honestly say that we have an even spread of people across the age brackets, so you don’t need to be under the age of 24 to meet your match on the website.

Dating for dogs

If your dog is jealous of your love life, s/he too can take part in a doggy dating event at FACT in Liverpool where artist Kuang-Yi Ku will be interacting with dogs and their owners to ‘explore the how pets’ sexual desire will fit into the future society’.

Phoning trumps texting

The Good Man Project writer Jed Diamond Ph.D suggests that making a phone call is a much better way to progress a relationship than to send a text message, or Facebook message to someone.

Jed says that talking on the phone forces you to be in the here and now, rather than carefully considering what you wish to portray and means that ‘the immediacy of back and forth communication helps us be more honest and uncensored’.