Olympic Date Ideas

Friday, August 19th, 2016
Olympic Date Ideas

The Olympics and the Paralympics are the reason why we’re suddenly obsessed with sports that we don’t normally think about.

This year has also kept us entertained with more romantic moments than usual and with plenty of marriage proposals (even if some people thought the proposals drew attention away from the athletes’ achievements).

So… how do you combine the sporting nature of the Olympics with this year’s romantic side?

Try a new sport together

We’re not suggesting that you try wrestling on a date, or Taekwondo, unless that’s something that you both enjoy. However, the vast range of sports at the Olympics means that there is something for everyone, from trampolining to tennis.

Getting active together offers an alternative to a coffee date, or trip to the pub.

Find a big screen showing

If you live near one of the 11 cities which are showing the Olympics on a big screen, you can grab a picnic and head out to watch sports in the sunshine and soak up the atmosphere with a big crowd of sports fans.

It’s also a great first date option as you can enjoy the coverage in a busy public place.

Have a sofa day together

If you know each other well enough (not on a first date) you can cuddle up on the sofa and cheer on your favourite athletes together.

Watch sports live

Unless you have a large budget, you’ll struggle to get to Rio for a date, but there are a whole host of events that are in the Olympics that you can watch closer to home.

Sports like football and rugby can be expensive, but you can see world class hockey, badminton and shooting for less than the price of a pizza.