I’m Scared

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

scaredDon’t let your inhibitions hold you back from meeting your perfect match. Here are some of the biggest online dating fears that people have and how you can overcome them…


Online dating has been associated with people who are keen to scam people out of their money. These cases are few and far between, but they make good headlines for the newspapers, rather than saying that millions of people find love online.

Instead of shying away from online dating in fear of scammers, you should take some basic precautions.

  • Pick a reputable dating website – a lot of dating websites have systems in place to tackle the problem of online dating scams. For example, at Muddy Matches we check through every single profile and photo that is sent through to us to ensure that only genuine country-loving singles can join the website. If you are unsure about the safety of a dating website, look for reviews online and get in touch with their customer service team to ask them about your online safety.
  • Don’t put personal details in your profile – never add your full name, telephone number, email address, or postal address in your dating profile.
  • Never send someone money – If anyone asks you for money via a dating website, you should halt communication with them and your should report them to a member of staff at the dating website.

Fear of starting again

If you’ve recently left a long relationship, it can be scary to think about starting again with someone new. The best thing to do is to take things slowly and not to rush into a full-blown relationship straight away.

There is also the option of meeting people as friends as Muddy Matches has the option of ‘looking for friendship’. You may find that one of the friendships will eventually turn into a relationship, or you might just meet lots of wonderful companions to spend your time with.

Fear of rejection

We can’t make people fall in love with one another (if we had those powers we’d be making a fortune), so unfortunately there is the risk of rejection. However, rejection online doesn’t feel as hard-hitting as rejection in person and there are lots more people to choose from.