Similar Personalities Attract

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

countrysideOpposites may attract in physics text books, but when it comes to dating, it’s important to find someone with whom you share common interests and values.

So how do you meet your similar match?

Choose a niche dating website

Niche dating websites are designed for a particular group of people; for example, there are dating websites for vegetarians, single parents and of course country-loving people.

By choosing a particular niche dating website, you are showing that a particular aspect of your life is important to you and the other members of the website are also demonstrating that it is important to them.

Muddy Matches is a website aimed at people who enjoy a ‘muddy boots’ lifestyle, so you will find people who understand that a country lifestyle is important to you (even if you currently live in a big city).

Tick all the boxes

When you first sign up to an online dating website you’ll have the option of ticking boxes about different aspects of your life. For example, there are boxes about your employment, your education, whether you have children and options for different sports and interests.

If you fill in lots of details, it will help people to see where your lifestyles match up.

Complete your profile

A simple “I’ll fill this in later” will not suffice if you are looking to meet someone who is like you as it will give people very little to go on.

Take the time to write approximately 200-300 words about who you are and what you are looking for in a potential match.