Slower Dating

Sunday, July 10th, 2016


Slow cooking is all the rage now and pulled pork is available at almost every large function. However, while slow cooking has caught on, online dating is getting faster and faster with apps and swiping becoming the order of the day.

So why would you want to do slow dating in a fast-paced world?

If you’re given a burger from a fast food van, it’ll taste good and fill you up, but it’s just a way of satisfying a need, rather than being a true delight. Whereas if you sit down to a meal that you’ve invested time into you will value the experience.

The same theory applies to dating, if you rush things, the experience loses value.

Signing up

Take the time to search for the best dating website for you and make sure to ask your friends and family for recommendations, as well as reading recommendations online.
A little bit of research will mean that you have a better chance of meeting someone with whom your share common interests and values.


If you take the time to write a considered dating profile, with a good selection of photos it will show that you have invested into the process of finding a partner.

A quick one liner will indicate that you aren’t really interested in meeting someone, or that you’re just keen on window shopping.


Trawling through thousands of photographs, without reading anything about them will create a sea of faces they will start to become a blur.

Taking the time to read other people’s profiles before contacting them will also help them to become a complete person in your mind and will stop you from getting confused about who is who.

So, instead of rushing headlong into online dating, desperate to get started with only your basic details, take the time to do your research, to create the perfect profile and to focus our attention on to a small number of people.