What Your Shoes Say about You

Friday, July 08th, 2016

shoesMuddy Matches is a niche dating website for people who love all things ‘muddy’, so it’s no surprise that we’re associated with the good old Wellington boot. They’re great for moving through mud and muck, but they’re not as appropriate if you’re out to impress your date, even if you are meeting up with a down-to-earth farmer.

Socks and sandals are a no-no

The most universally hated footwear combo is socks and sandals, unless you are a hipster with a penchant for ‘ugly chic’. The bizarre trend have made a resurgence on the catwalks, but it is likely to make you look like you have put all of your clothes on at once.

Muddy footwear

Muddy boots are perfectly acceptable for the yard, but mud on your footwear shows that you have not made the effort to clean up for your date. A quick wash and brush up is more important that wearing grubby, but expensive shoes.

Impractical footwear

Make sure that you consider three things when choosing your footwear – what activity you are doing, what the weather will be like (if you are outside) and whether you are comfortable in your shoes.

The activity is perhaps the most important deliberation as sports footwear is necessary if you are doing a sport, whereas if you are meeting somewhere smart, it may prevent you from entering the venue. If you end up doing an activity which requires you to borrow footwear, such as bowling, make sure that you have socks without holes in them.

In terms of weather, you should consider a water-resistant style if you plan to be walking in the rain, or if you’re walking about after it has rained recently.

High heels are considered to be the sexiest option for women, but wobbling around on them and complaining about the pain isn’t such a sexy look. For men too, there are restrictive styles that can leave you hobbling along.