What’s Your Dating Style?

Friday, June 03rd, 2016

cloudsHow you go about online dating is directly related to how you go about life in general. There are the organised people, the pessimists, the optimists and those who like to binge date.


The super-organised dater is someone who treats dating with army-style precision. You won’t hear cries of ‘I can’t remember who s/he was’ while they frantically search through their internet history to see who they have looked at. No, they’ll have a list (or a spreadsheet) of who they’ve looked at, who they like and who they have messaged.

This planned approach will mean that they can manage being on a number of dating websites at once.

To mimic this style with a lot less effort, you could save searches and add people to your ‘favourites’ list to ensure that they are easy to find when you want to get in contact with them.


The binge dater treats online dating like most people treat TV box sets. A binge dater will show huge enthusiasm for online dating and will find themself locked in a cycle of checking every single dating profile that is available to them, before losing interest. Once their energy is back they will go back with renewed vigour and try again.

This method keeps the dater interested and adds a bit of an adrenaline kick to the whole experience.

To get the excitement of binge dating, leave longer periods of time between checking your online dating account/s than you usually would.

The daydreamer

The daydreamer is the most optimistic of online daters and is keen to find ‘the one’ who will change their life for the better. Daydreamers will see that someone has viewed their profile and instantly start to imagine what it would be like to be with them. A first date becomes an idealised situation in their head, with the wo/man of their dreams winning them over with sparkling conversation and flirtation.

Although the daydreamer may expose themselves to disappointment, their optimism and enthusiasm will flatter those who choose to go on a date with them.

The pessimist

The pessimist joined an online dating site as they were told that it was the best way to meet new people, but they don’t quite believe that it will work. They will give it a go, but don’t get their hopes up and can be prone to using negative phrases like “I don’t know why I’m doing this” in their profile text.