Polish Your Profile

Sunday, May 29th, 2016

polishWhether you’ve just completed your profile, or have had a dating profile online for a long time, it’s always a good idea to give it a bit of a polish (virtually) to make sure that it’s representing you in the best possible way.

Proof read it

When you’ve been staring at a piece of writing for a long time, you start to see what you had intended to write, rather than what is actually on the page.

Take time to read through your profile again, with fresh eyes, to ensure that it makes sense.

Check your spelling

Copy your text into a word processing document, like Word and select the spelling and grammar checker to run an automatic check on your spelling. Take note of any errors that appear, but be careful of ‘helpful’ suggestions, such as the option to use ‘willies’ instead of ‘wellies’. Talking about muddy willies is sure to attract attention, but not in a good way.

Add something new

If your profile is very short, or includes the words ‘I’ll come back to this later’ it is a good idea to add something more to it.

Think about adding information about what you really enjoy doing, what your ideal date would involve, or an amusing anecdote that will help people to understand more about your personality.

Check for anything that dates the information

Writing your age in your profile text, talking about Christmas, New Year, or Easter will all age your profile.

Try to keep your profile up-to-date, or remove any references that will give an indication as to when you wrote it.