10 Signs that You’re Dating a Tractor Obsessive

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

red_tractor_in_the_grass_203581You know that you are dating a tractor obsessive when..

1. Tractor dates

Your first date at a country show was a thinly veiled way to check out a fantastic display of classic tractors.

2. Tractor talk

You can’t remember the last time that you you spent a whole day together without discussing tractors.

3. Tractor porn

Your date fawns over photos of tractors in the same way teenage boys fawn over models in bikinis.

4. Loyalty

Whether your date is #teamjohndeere, #teammasseyfeguson, #teamnewholland or is into something a bit more specialist, you know that they are loyal to their favourite brand.

5. Tractor gifts

Their brand loyalty means that when it comes to birthdays and other celebrations, your date’s friends and family know exactly what to get them – tractor themed gifts. There’s the branded fleece, the hat, the t-shirt, the collectable models and even the oven mitt.

6. The stats

Your date doesn’t even need to look at the statistics when you play tractor Top Trumps, as s/he knows the weight and horse power of each one without a second thought.

7. Hawk’s eye

When your date can identify a tractor in the distance before you realise that there’s even one there. In fact you can barely see the field in the distance.

8. They drove a tractor before they drove a car

Your date is a pretty confident driver, having first headed out into the fields only a few years after their fellow school friends took their cycle proficiency test.

9. A quick tinker

A quick tinker can take all day as they keep finding things to work on, which can be rather annoying if you were just about to go out together before they exclaimed that they’d “be back in 15 minutes”.

10. If you’re tractor obessed too

If you’re tractor obsessed too, then things can get a little too competitive.

If you are looking to meet a tractor obsessive, you’ve come to the right place!