The Most Common Words in Dating Profiles

Saturday, May 07th, 2016

Using some clever computer jiggery Pokery, we scanned through all of the live dating profiles on Muddy Matches to find out what the most frequently mentioned words are. We ignored words like ‘it’, ‘and’, ‘the’ and ‘I’ as the list would have become rather meaningless and incredibly long.

Here are some of the most popular words and what they say about the person who has included them…


Of course there are lots of people who say that they are looking to find love, but the word was most commonly used when speaking about people’s passions, interests and their families. ‘Passion’ and ‘interests’ also rank highly in the list.

Love is a very positive word and telling people about some of the people and things that mean the most to you helps them to understand what makes you happy.

Dislike/ hate

In contrast to love is hate, which also tells people a lot about you. The most commonly listed hates include spiders, football, shopping and bad drivers.

A slightly peculiar dislike, or even fear can help you to bond with someone who has an equally strange aversion to something.


It should come as no surprise that countryside is one of the most prevalent words within dating profiles on Muddy Matches as the website is designed to cater for country-minded people. Tell people why you love living in the countryside, working in the countryside, or just escaping to greener parts of the country when you have spare time. Although lots of our members do live in the countryside, we also have thousands of members who moved away from the countryside to find work in big cities across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. So you’re not alone if your commute involves a series of trains, rather than a romp across the fields.


Whether you have a working gundog, a sheepdog, or a lovable companion, dogs are very important to a lot of our members and they feature in thousands of dating profiles. Horses are also featured on a vast number of profiles, although not as many people own horses.

For more information about what to include in your profile and how to go about writing it, click through to our dating profile advice.