What Your Profile Photos Say About You

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

photosYour Main Photo is the first thing that people will see when they see you online and it should be a good, clear photo of your head and shoulders. You also have the option of adding additional photos to tell people more about yourself.

Smiling photo

A smile makes you seem friendly and approachable, so a smiley photo is ideal for your Main Photo. Natural smiles are best, so look through your collection for a candid photo of you having a great time and preferably laughing.


Selfies are typically used by younger people, but they are becoming more and more popular, especially now that selfie sticks have caught on. Having a selfie as your Main Photo, shows that you are young, or at least young at heart.

We have written a blog post about how to capture the best selfie for your profile photo.

Close up

Your ideal Main Photo should be a close up of your head and shoulders. However, a photo where you are far away from the camera shows a lack of confidence in your looks, even if it just happens to be your favourite photo.

Group photo

A group photo in your additional photos shows that you are a sociable person, but placing yourself amongst gorgeous friends can be distracting. Also, if you are posing with someone of a similar age to yourself who is the same gender as you are looking to date can be problematic as people may assume that the person is your ex, or a worryingly close friend.

Active photo

An additional photo which includes an activity shows that you are as active as you say that you are. Photos of you taking part in countryside pursuits such as riding a horse, walking, or shooting will also help to prove how muddy you really are if you have a high muddy:townie ratio.

For the best results, we recommend adding one Main Photo, one full length photo and an active photo showing you enjoying one of your favourite hobbies.