How do I Choose a Dating Website?

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Wedding bearsWith well over 1000 dating websites in the UK alone, there is an overwhelming amount of choice for people who are looking to meet their perfect match.

We’ve broken down some of the most popular types of websites to help you to make your decision…

Dating website vs matchmakers

Dating websites are online services work by asking members to write a short piece about themselves and what they are looking for, along with a photograph. Members then search for people who meet their criteria and get in touch with them by sending a message.

Some dating websites also send out suggestions based on what you are looking for. For example Muddy Matches members can opt to receive a regular email with suitable matches in their area.

Matchmakers, otherwise known as introduction agencies, offer a one-to-one service, where they match two people together and arrange for them to meet up. Some matchmakers require you to meet with them in person, while others correspond with you on the telephone. Matchmaking services cost thousands of pounds for a personal service.

Generic dating websites vs niche dating websites

The most famous dating websites are generic websites, which have a large and varied range or members. This allows you access to a wide range of people, but it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff with so much choice.

Niche dating websites are designed for a particular group of people, which hopefully means that everyone has something in common before they get started. For example, everyone who joins Muddy Matches has an interested in the countryside.

How to narrow down your choices

The best way to find a suitable dating website is to ask you friends and family about their experience of using dating websites, or you can look at review sites for an independent viewpoint.

If you can’t decide between a few recommended options, you could sign up for a free trial to see which website you like best.