5 Reasons You’re Not Finding Love

Sunday, April 17th, 2016

love-heartThe fact that you have joined an online dating website suggests that you are keen to meet someone special. However, there are lots of reasons as to why you have not yet met the right person…

  • You are stuck in a routine

    It’s easy to get stuck into a routine of going to the same places at the same times and meeting the same people all the time.

    If you only ever meet the same people, it is unlikely that you are suddenly going to meet the love of your life if you haven’t already. In the words of Albert Einstein, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’

    Online dating allows you to meet lots of new people and every new person that you meet will expand your social circle.

  • You are not making time for yourself

    If you are busy with work or caring for your family, it is difficult to find the time to put aside for online dating. However, once you have written your dating profile, you don’t need go spend a lot of time on online dating. For example, you can save a search to ensure that you can see at a glance all the people who fit your criteria. Then it can take a matter of minutes to send a quick, but personal message.

    If you are concerned about finding the time to go out on dates, you could combine you could arrange a lunchtime date that will fit in with your busy day.

  • Your checklist is too long

    Although a saved search can help you to save time, being too specific can mean that you miss out on perfectly good people who do not happen to have the exact hair colour, or eye colour that you desire.

  • You’re not making an effort

    If you want to meet someone via an online dating website, you need to send messages! It’s easy to just sit back and wait for people to get in touch with you, but your perfect match might just be doing the same thing.

  • You’re scared of getting hurt

    Rejection is horrible and it can be the reason that people shy away from trying to find love. However, the pain of being hurt in the pursuit of love is worth it when you meet the right person.