Kissing on a First Date

Friday, April 15th, 2016

lipsIs it acceptable to kiss on a first date? Well, yes, but it depends on a number of different things…

Where and when did you choose to meet?

If you’ve met in a cafe during the daytime, you’re going to attract a lot of attention if you go in for a snog and it could be embarrassing for you and your date.

If you’re in a busy bar with lots of other amorous couples, you won’t draw attention in the same way.

Are you getting flirty?

If you are both being very flirty, then kissing is the next natural progression. Look at   for positive body language, including lots of eye contact, dilated pupils, friendly teasing and lots of touching.

Even if everything is going really well it can be very exciting to wait until your next date, so that the butterflies of anticipation (which would be a great band name) will last a little bit longer.

How to kiss

Kissing on the cheek can be done as soon as you meet, in the style of our continental cousins, while a full on snog would be highly inappropriate when you first lay eyes on one another.

A gentle kiss on the mouth is a good way to test out your feelings for one another towards the end of the date if everything is going well and it shouldn’t be considered an inappropriate public display of affection.

When to hold back

If you don’t fancy your date, it should be obvious that you shouldn’t kiss them as it will lead them on. If you’re not sure whether your date fancies you, it’s a good idea to wait as well.

Don’t feel like you have to kiss on a first date to show that it went well. If it comes naturally, then that’s great. If not, it’s perfectly OK to wait until your next date, or the one after that even.