Bank Holiday Profile Updates

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

WEATHERVANE-HORSEA long walk in the sunshine may sound like the perfect way to spend Easter Monday, but Mother Nature has other plans. Storm Katie (which sounds more like an angry woman than a strong wind) is bringing us wind and rain aplenty, which means that you’ll have a great excuse to wrap up warm and spend some time updating your dating profile.

Here are some simple changes that you can make to your profile to bring it up-to-date…

Change your introduction

If the first line of your profile says “I don’t know what to write”, “I’ll come back to this later”, or “I’m new to this”, it’s time to update it.

The first line of your dating profile should be a summary of who you are, in the same way that the first paragraph of a news article gives you a outline of what the story is about.

Think about what you are best known for and don’t afraid to be honest. For example, you could say, “Crazy dog lady who loves baking cakes, tinkering about in the garage and taking my beloved spaniels out for long walks on the moors.”

Update your age

It’s not uncommon for people to write their age in their profile text, even though dating websites will automatically update your age from your date of birth.

If you do choose to mention your age in your profile text, make sure that you update it when you have your birthday. If you have children and have mentioned their ages in your profile text, you can update their ages at the same time.

Update your hobbies

If you’ve recently taken up a new hobby, or interest, add it to your dating profile. Your foray into beer brewing, or antiques collecting might just be the thing that leads someone to get in contact with you.

Updating your profile text can also help you to appear higher in searches as it shows that you are being proactive.