Dating Website Etiquette

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

TulipsManners cost nothing and when it comes to online dating it pays to be nice. Here are some aspects of dating etiquette that will help you along the way…

Don’t lie in your profile

Lying in your profile will give people false expectations. Don’t try to second guess what people will like to see in your profile. If you tell the truth, you know that someone is really interested in who you are.

Don’t hide

The ‘hide’ function is there for people who wish to take a break from online dating, without having to cancel their account. It is not there for people to ‘favourite’ someone and then to panic and to hide away. It’s rather disconcerting to receive an email saying that you’ve been added to someone’s ‘favourites list’ only to find that they’ve disappeared from the website.

If you’re changed your mind, you can remove them from your favourite list.

Say ‘thanks, but no thanks’

If you receive a message and are not keen on dating the person, it’s good practice to send them a message that says “thank you, but I don’t think that we’d be a good match’. Even if you are a bit shocked by them getting in touch with you, don’t reply with something cruel as it won’t help you and it will upset them.

If you don’t reply at all, they might be nervously waiting to hear from you and may be tempted to send you a reminder.

Don’t send angry messages

If you’ve sent someone a message yourself and have received a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ yourself, do not follow it up by sending an angry email asking why they are not interested in you. It can come across as threatening and you might not like the answer that you receive if they choose to reply again.