I Want to Date a British/Irish Farmer

Friday, March 11th, 2016

departuresIt may come as a surprise to hear that we get a lot of enquiries from people who live abroad saying “I want to date a British farmer”, or “I want to date an Irish farmer”. Lots of the people who phone, or email us have a connection to this part of the world – they’re expats, they have family members living here, or they have found British or Irish farmers in their family tree.

If you live in another country and want to meet British or Irish people, what should you do?

Be honest

There’s no point pretending that you live in Cambridge in Cambridgeshire, when you actually live in Cambridge in Massachusetts as you’ll soon be found out!

Use your profile to explain where you live now and why you’d like to meet someone who lives in Ireland or the UK.

A lot of people will be annoyed if they pay to get in contact with you only to find out that you do not live near them. If you are honest about it, you will know that anyone who gets in touch with you is happy to date someone who lives in another country.

Choose a relevant location

As a dating website for people who live in the UK and Ireland, we do not list locations from elsewhere in the world. You will need to choose a location that is within Ireland or the UK.

If you have a connection to a particular area, you should choose a postcode from that area. If you aren’t fussy about where you want to move to, we would recommend choosing a populous area to increase your chances of meeting someone.

Are you looking to move?

If you met the right man or woman on Muddy Matches, would you be keen to relocate, or are you looking to meet someone who wants to live in a different country?

Let people know what your intentions are to avoid any confusion.

Be prepared for rejection

It sounds mean, but if you live abroad it does add an extra hurdle to online dating and will cut down on the number of potential matches that you receive.

It doesn’t mean that you are unattractive, or that you have an unappealing profile!